’72 Chevelle


Published: 15 October 2011 | By Maria B.

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I have been noticing that just about every 3D artist eventually models a vehicle of some sort. I decided it was time for me to do the same. While thinking about what car to model, I got a little nostalgic thinking about my first car – my dad’s old ’72 Chevelle. Mom and Dad bought 2 Chevelles in ’72 – a brown one (mom’s) and a pea soup green one (dad’s). The brown one died before I turned 16, and the green one got parked for years. With a little TLC, the green one was ready for me to drive. Great car – when it ran. Pain in the behind when it stranded me on the side of a road somewhere between hither and yon in a major down pour.

Here is my tribute to that car, and the fond memories I have of it.

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  • Great job Maria! Your story reminds me about our first car 🙂 At one point we tought we will never part with it and restore it when we’ll have the time and money, but finally we sold it when we got a new car, it was too difficult to keep it. I should attempt to model it (only I can’t :P)

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