Thoughts of Dad


Published: 1 October 2011 | By Maria B.

Posted in: 3D Stills


I was goofing around showing a friend a bit of something in Blender. I started out with a default cube, and I put a sphere on it. It looked like a bowl on a table. One think to the next and I was showing her how to model a fish. I just couldn’t leave it at that, so I fancied up the bowl. That’s when I started thinking about Dad.

Dad killed our fish. He was trying to help by adding water to the tank, but the jug next to the table wasn’t water. The jug was bleach. They died clean. My dad and I sat almost everyday in front of the TV downstairs (where the tank was) for half an hour that TV was ours. PBS was playing Doctor Who, and on Saturday’s they played 4 episodes in a row in the afternoon. No one else in the family got into Doctor Who like dad and I.

This one started as me showing off and was finished with tender thoughts.