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Soft in a Hard Place

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Nature Academy rocks tutorial. I got a little bored with the idea of just rocks and sky, so I added some flowers I made for the next tutorial (plants). I think even if it is a practical tutorial, you should try to make it a complete scene. Not every picture is worth a thousand words, […]

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Grassy Meadow

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This is the first project from the Nature Academy taught by BlenderGuru Andrew Price. I can’t say how great that course was.

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Thoughts of Dad

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I was goofing around showing a friend a bit of something in Blender. I started out with a default cube, and I put a sphere on it. It looked like a bowl on a table. One think to the next and I was showing her how to model a fish. I just couldn’t leave it […]

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Easter Bonnet

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Using Arbaro for the tree and Blender for everything else, I managed to get a nice scene. Arbaro is not really that easy to use for getting a specific tree, but it an amazing program for creating general trees.

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The Knocker

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My first attempt at sculpting in Blender, and I needed a large door knocker for a castle. What better than the “Mumble, mumble” knocker from Labyrinth?

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Dracos Imperius

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Crest pieces for our Tibia Guild – Dracos Imperius. One of my first non-tutorial pieces using Blender 3D.

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